Asakusa tonkatu Yutaka 

We stick to quality fresh ingredients and have been cooking in Asakusa for over 70 years. Please enjoy the historical tonkatsu in the center of Asakusa.

About seat

Our store is a traditional Japanese house. Both chair seats and tatami seats are available.

About menu

In addition to the fried food menu, popular sashimi and yakitori are also recommended.
We have many other menu items besides fried foods.

About access

It is about a 5-minute walk from Asakusa Station and Tawaramachi Station on each line.


Tonkatsu is a dish that uses a lot of oil, but our goal is to create a pork cutlet that can be eaten as much as you like without making you sick to youre stomach.

We use sweet and juicy pork raised with activated water,
homemade bread crumbs, cottonseed oil, and a copper pot to create a taste that has remained unchanged since that old days.